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Tony Tran is a Toronto-based actor, writer, and a lover of Vietnamese coffee. Iced.

After failing to get into animation, to spite his own mother, he decided to go to acting school, and since then, just kept doing it.

He is a crass writer specializing in aggressive gay shenanigans, based on his friendships and so-called 'friends' he has made in his lifetime. As a person, he has been told to be "a bit intimidating, but nice once you get to know him", but he swears he's really nice. Please hire him.


Honing on his comedic instincts, he dreams of showrunning his own queer television enterprise, and hopes to bring more stories and opportunities to the screen.


This past year, he has been blessed with being one of the Top 10 finalists of the Magee TV Diverse Screenwriter's Award (2020).  

As an actor, he is featured in Work It (Netflix) and  best known for True Dating Stories (CBC Gem) in "Lily's Story".